Feb 02

The Singing Heart


HAVE YOU EVER LOVED a person so much that the mere thought of the beloved made your heart sing?

Do you think, perhaps, this is the type of relationship the Divine Being longs for with us?

Mark 12:30 – And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your might: this is the first commandment.

Most of us want to love and be joyful with everyone and everything. But, we often allow everyday situations to separate us from this happy state.

To live the true life of God’s child, is to see all things through the eyes of  BELOVED Mother/Father GOD’S UNCONDITIONAL Love. To truly love GOD is to allow THE BELOVED’S perfect GUIDANCE & LOVE to freely express through us. We do have a choice.

Mother/Father GOD’S Presence is always with us. If we acknowledge this and eagerly say, “Yes, God, I WANT you to live in me and through me”, our personal doors to lasting love and joy are flung wide open. 

Then our hearts will truly sing with Divine love each and every day.

FOR THIS TRUTH, We Say-Thank You Mother/Father God. AMEN