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A Bridge to Spiritual Discovery and Growth

Valley Community Church celebrates the truth that you are God’s Image. The core of your Being, the eternal, non-physical part of you often called the soul, is a perfect likeness of God, Himself, with all His Goodness, Beauty, Wisdom, Power and Love. At your core, you are all of that.

Earth is a school, where we have the opportunity to learn certain lessons that will help us to express everything we already are. What are these lessons? Just look at your life and see where there is trouble and difficulty; what has caused you pain and when you’ve caused other people pain and created walls between yourself and them. Within these experiences are the lessons we’re here to learn, so we can shine forth the beauty, wisdom, power and love that we already are. What is the greatest lesson of all? It’s learning to love – to look for the good within yourself and everyone else. Love will eventually heal every problem or difficulty. Learning this one supreme lesson – to love, to look for the good – will bring you more success, happiness, health, fulfillment and inner peace and power than you ever thought possible.

But … you could never do this alone. You could never learn the lesson of love if it wasn’t for the truth that God is Omnipresent. God is everywhere. He is within you; all around you, and God is Love. You are loved unconditionally. God’s Presence and His unconditional love are within you, within everyone and everything because, as the Bible says, “… He fills heaven and earth.”

Our church celebrates God’s Presence within you – the wondrous person you are, and all you can do and be in this world!


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You are invited to the ongoing

Monday Night Class”

Beginning March 30th 6:30-8:00pm

in the Annex taught by Nancy Stokes

“Working with the Law”

by Raymond Holliwell

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