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Valley Community Church celebrates the truth that you are God’s Image (Genesis 1:26). The core of your Being, the eternal, non-physical part of you often called the soul, is a perfect likeness of God, Himself, with all His Goodness, Beauty, Wisdom, Power and Love. At your core, you are all of that.

Earth is a school, where we have the opportunity to learn certain lessons that will help us to express everything we already are. What are these lessons? Just look at your life and see where you’re having difficulties; what has caused you pain and also when you’ve caused other people pain. Within these troubles are the lessons we’re here to learn, so we can shine with all the beauty, wisdom, power and love we already are. What is the greatest lesson of all? It’s learning to love – to look for the good within yourself and everyone else. Love will eventually heal every problem or difficulty. Learning this one supreme lesson – to love, to look for the good – will bring you more success, happiness, health, fulfillment and inner peace and power than you ever thought possible.

But …we cannot do this alone. We will fully learn the lessons of life because of this truth – God is Omnipresent. This means that God is everywhere, within us, all around us, helping us, because God is Unconditional Love. God’s Presence, unconditional love, is within you, within everyone and everything because, as the Bible says … He fills heaven and earth (Jeramiah 23:24).

Valley Community Church celebrates your oneness with God and your infinite potential for Peace, Wisdom, Power and especially Love that is His Nature and the core of your Being.


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Call to Action ~ Outreach




Soup, Crackers, Canned Fruit, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal,
Canned Meats, Canned Veggies. Low Sodium. (No Glass Containers)

Bring your donations to church January 17– February 7, 2016

Help the 3000 Seniors in our area have a hot meal when it’s cold outside!




What’s Happening at VCCDS




  • Mon, Jan 11, Monday Night Class resumes, 6:30pm

  • Sat, Feb 13, 6pm, Game Night and Valentine Celebration

  • Each Wednesday: Fundamentals Class 5-7; Meditation, 7pm, Annex
  • Mill Mt Coffee Chit Chat, on 419, 6:30pm




Request for Videos


spacerHello Everyone,

Kimmara here, as you may be aware I am now putting the Words of Inspiration up on YouTube. I have been filming various scenes around my home and would like to ask if you’d be willing to film various tranquil scenes and send them to me. It could be a stream flowing, wind blowing in trees, icicles dripping, flowers, basically scenes without people with a little natural movement. Something tranquil to watch while Rev. Velma is speaking. They can be of various lengths up to 5 minutes. If possible use a tripod or hold the camera/phone as steady as possible. Panning is not necessary but if you decide to do this go very, very slow. If I decide to use a video by sending it to me you’re giving permission to use the video on YouTube and the website. Please send the video’s to office(at)vccds(dot)com (replace the at with @ and dot with a period) and in the subject put “Tranquil Video for Kimmara”. Thank you, if you have any questions please feel free to email me and include your telephone number.

Love and Blessings ~ Kimmara