e would consider it an honor to have you join us at 10:30 a.m. Sundays for our worship service.

Our Sunday Celebrations always include talented guest musicians and musical programs that vary from gospel, to folk, classical, jazz and new age.

Beverages, tempting snacks and friendly interaction in our Community Room always follow our Sunday morning service.


Divine Science Statement of Being

God is all. Both invisible and visible. One Presence, One Mind, One Power is all. This One that is all is perfect Life, perfect Love, and perfect Substance. I am the individualized expression of God and am ever one with this perfect Life, perfect Love, and perfect Substance.





Symbology of the Cross of the


Jesus’ death and resurrection taught us the great truth that when we know our oneness with God, we can cross over every difficulty. Our cross rises up through the color spectrum following an ancient spiritual tradition that these colors correspond to certain spiritual lessons. The cross has no top, just as God’s child has no limit.








The Resurrection Garden and

Empty tomb

The window on the right celebrates the truth that you are in the process of resurrecting your unlimited spiritual nature every day of your life. It features both flowers and fruit mentioned in the Bible and is dedicated to Ebba Polfelt, the lady who started it all!