DSCN2187The Columbarium, which is adjacent to our beautiful Meditation Garden, is designed to provide secure burial niches, each of which will hold the cremated remains of two people. Their name/s will be identified by a handsome metal plaque. The Columbarium and its gardens will receive perpetual care and our ministers hold a yearly ceremony celebrating the memory of all whose final resting place is in the Columbarium.

Traditional funerals can be one of the three or four most expensive purchases we make, with an average cost of $6,000 to $15,000 or more, excluding the cost of a cemetery plot, grave stone and opening and closing the grave. In contrast, a simple cremation is about $2,000, and with the use of a visitation room, chapel, etc., can cost $2,250. Considering these costs, many people have begun thinking of cremation/columbarium as a sensible, yet caring end-of-life arrangement. The cost of each niche in the Valley Community Church Columbarium is $800.00. Each niche can accommodate one or two wooden burial boxes made of oak, walnut or cherry or another simpler container. The pictures show the attractive semi-circular wall containing the niches complimented by a field stone patio. The landscaping and fountain, the garden and roses convey a feeling of serenity and timeless beauty. Considering the difference in cost between the average burial/gravesite and cremation/columbaria, would you be interested in purchasing a niche of your choice in the Valley Community Church Columbarium wall? Time payment plans are available. At this time, a group of niches could be reserved for various members of a family, if that is needed.

If you would like more information or would like to reserve a Columbarium niche, please call us at 540-797-1367. We also provide Pet Services and the bottom niches are for pet cremations. Cost is $800 per niche and holds two containers. If your end-of-life plans are already made, you might consider sponsoring a Memorial Brick imprinted with your name or that of someone else or a Bible verse. The cost of a brick, which will line the outer periphery of the patio, is $75.00.