Rental Information


The Lucia Memorial Annex

The Lucia Memorial Annex contains a medium sized room that easily seats 30 people where meetings, seminars and other presentations can take place.  Tables and chairs are available. Bathrooms are close by. There is ample parking and a handicap ramp.  Daily rental rates are $50 for half day and $100 full day. If the kitchen is used and food served, there is an additional fee. Other media resources such as a large TV with a DVD player are available at a nominal fee, as well.  For current rental information please call 540.774.5512




Our Sanctuary

Our sanctuary is also available for rent. The sanctuary can comfortably seat 70 people and has a ramp for easy handicapped access. The use of a Yamaha baby grand piano is included in the rental fee. There are two different fees for the sanctuary when used for a 2-3 hour wedding with a minister of your choice or if you have need of a minister, please see the “Weddings” link.  In addition, the use of two separate sound systems, a wireless microphone, candelabra and silk flowers are also available for an additional fee. The Sanctuary will NOT be available on Sunday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., other times can be arranged.  For current rental information please call 540.774.5512