In the Light of Omnipresence I am the Joy of Life.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

My life is God in action. All life is God in action. I lift myself into the consciousness of Oneness through my daily living of “God is all, both visible and invisible”. God is in the lowest and the highest of creatures and positions and activities. There is no judgement. I keep myself in the most positive attitude toward the Divinity of all Life. I do not judge by appearances. I affirm the Truth of Life. God is Life. I live, move and have my being in God. I have the power to realize the truth of Being and to accomplish the best aspect of my life. I allow God to work through me to radiate wholeness, harmony and joy where ever I go. I take the opportunity each moment to think to my highest and translate my thinking into doing. I choose to live Life. I am sure footed and know I can face anything with the knowledge that the Father is doing the work. God is in this place now so there can be no room in my life for any sort of lack. I rise daily in the Light of Life.   I keep my rendezvous with God at every moment and so live a joyful life. All is well.